Commercial Surveillance Systems &
Loss Prevention Security

Save time and money with centralized video surveillance designed to scale with you


Is Your Security System
Prone to Error?

Legacy video surveillance systems rely on antiquated technology and on-site guards.

This leaves too much room for expensive errors in shipment tracking, theft prevention, and product protection.

We make your commercial security system work harder

Modern surveillance technology can tie all of your security systems together. At Visible Intellect, we collaborate with security teams,
operations directors and facility managers like you to make this happen.

  • IP Video Surveillance

    Capture and transmit high-definition video files quickly and securely over your network.

  • Vendor Management Systems

    Improve visibility over your external contractors and vendors, fill and manage specialized roles, automate onboarding and more.

  • AI Video Analytics

    Use next-generation AI to analyze video feeds and take action, with technology like facial & license plate recognition and unusual behavior detection.

  • Intrusion Detection

    Detect intruders automatically and pinpoint their exact location in your facility.


Common Security Challenges

  • Security systems across your different
    sites don’t work in unison

  • On-site guard services are getting too
    expensive and prone to human error

  • Scanning products and packages is a
    labor-intensive process

  • Access control isn’t synced with surveillance,
    creating a more complex, costly system

  • Analyzing video is a painstaking
    manual process

  • Can’t reliably verify safety procedures
    are being followed

The Visible Intellect Experience

  • Manage your security systems together, from
    one central place

  • Reduce human error and costs with remote
    guards and AI–backed surveillance

  • Boost efficiency by using video to automate
    shipment tracking, inventory management, & more.

  • Effortlessly scale your security system to
    new facilities as you grow

  • Find what you’re looking for quickly with
    intelligent video analytics

  • Monitor facility to ensure safety procedures
    are consistently followed

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