What our clients are saying

We’re proud to work with a select few clients so that we can provide the service we strive for. Here’s a selection of thoughts our clients have been kind enough to share with us:

Southern Wine & Spirits

Josh Chaplin

Over the past 8 years, the individuals who now form Visible Intellect have helped us with many needs. Their dedication to understanding our business and providing real value is second to none. In addition to day-to-day support, the VI team always brings a level of excellence and a true partnership to our business.

The VI Team has taken the time to actually live and breathe our business.  What began as a simple need to replace a large scale security and loss prevention system developed into much more. They brought their newly learned knowledge of our business opportunity for streamlining and efficiency. They were able to fully integrate our security system with our material handling system to create a searchable live database. This provided REAL savings in time, effort, and unnecessary claims. We developed such a good reputation with our customers that it actually reduced the total number of claims we were receiving as we were able to prove when we were right and admit when we were wrong with order fulfillment.

Over the years we have asked VI to assist in other projects such as high speed conveyor maintenance. They installed a set of high speed cameras and lighting inside our sortation system that provided support teams from all over the country to see in real time the problems we were having that were incredibly difficult to diagnose. This of course lead to reduced downtime and labor savings.

The Hollywood Pantages Theatre

Ryan Anding

We struggled with finding both the correct platform for video surveillance, and the correct vendor to handle the install. We had wasted time and money with a solution that didn't work out as well as we had hoped… Hearing first hand from their customers how much faith they had in Visible Intellect took away any reservations we had about our decision to go with them…

We now have a lot more control of and insight into our facility, and there's a newfound professionalism and piece of mind when it comes to security.

I trust all of the members of their teams honesty and abilities, willingness to be forthcoming and communicative during projects, and promise to complete the job as specified and make right any issues that may arise along the way.

Major Nationwide Distributor

So we try to have a close to 100% accuracy rate. And the only way we get there is because [Visible Intellect] has done not just plugging and playing with the equipment, but they spend a lot of hours getting the right camera, and the right lensing which goes on the camera and the right lighting. And there's a lot that goes into it that I was like, okay: I've learned a lot, I'm a pretty techie guy... I'm in awe because they stay up to the times and they're still on the bleeding edge... everybody comes to them, including the manufacturers.

Learn4Life Charter Schools

Shawn Dunn

“We needed to implement an access security solution for our schools. [Since working with Visible Intellect,] we have been able to better secure our facilities from outside threats, and control the access to our sites. They are easy to work with. They answer the calls when you need them. Any issue is taken care of quickly and efficiently.”

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