Building Automation and Commercial Surveillance Systems

Operate more efficiently and improve security with technology designed to meet your facility’s unique needs

Don’t limit your possibilities with outdated technology

Your building’s technology should make your life easier every day. But if that technology is outdated or the wrong fit, it can be a huge missed opportunity.

These days, it shouldn’t require hours of manpower each month to monitor safety or grant building access. Theaters, malls, schools, distribution centers, apartment communities, office buildings and parking structures are just a few examples of the kinds of spaces that can use custom-integrated technology systems to automate, communicate and secure their facilities.

Our role is to partner with you to design and integrate systems that make this a reality. We design custom technology for your building - access control, video monitoring, paging, networking, specialty lighting, building automation - and build it to work together seamlessly.

Maximize Efficiency, Safety & Profitability in Your Facilities

The technology available to commercial buildings has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years. Modern systems integration can help proactively monitor and prevent issues, while automating previously manual processes. Our priority is to connect you with the best technology for your business - then, use it to give you relevant data that you can act on quickly, effectively and efficiently. At Visible Intellect, we design and install modern technology to help companies like yours boost efficiency, profitability, and safety.

Access Control

Automate building access

Warehouse Automation

Boost efficiency with technology that
works together seamlessly

Video Surveillance

Get full visibility on all your facilities

Integrated Communications

Scale & simplify cross-facility communications

Consulting and Design

Get exactly the technology you need with
proper planning

At Visible Intellect, we help organizations - from shopping centers to schools, and from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies - get a return on investment on their technology.

With decades of experience in the systems integration space, we’re here to serve you as an industry leader and disruptor.



Malls, Arenas & Commercial Spaces


Warehouses & Manufacturing


Years of Combined Experience

To provide the level of service we strive for, we only take on a select few new clients each year. Interested in starting a project with us? Book a free consultation now to start the conversation.

Get More Time and Fewer Headaches By Partnering with Us

With Visible Intellect, you get a transparent, reliable partner dedicated to making technology work for you - so you can focus on running your business.

  • Prevent Losses

    Secure entrances and get eyes on all corners of your facility with access control and video surveillance.

  • Maximize Efficiency

    Automate tracking, monitoring and reporting on high-value inventory, whether inbound, outbound or warehoused.

  • Improve Worker Safety

    Combine monitoring and automation to prevent problems in your facility before they happen.

  • Simplify Communication

    Improve, streamline and scale communication across multiple buildings.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Let Us Help You Unlock Your Technology’s Potential

Curious about how we might be able to help you truly make the most of your building’s technology?

Find out on a 20-minute call with our team. We’ll share some recommendations and see if Visible Intellect might be a good fit to help you.

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Stop coping with outdated
building security & technology

Dealing with inadequate technology means missing out on opportunities to reduce losses, improve security and boost efficiency in your facilities.