Infrared Temperature Screenings to Expand Into Live Sports

June 18, 2020

As states begin to reopen, teams all around the United States will likely begin recalling players. Infrared technology can play a crucial role in getting the sports industry back to work safely, according to Texas-based Infrared Cameras Inc.

In shaping the new experience of sporting events post-COVID-19, temperature screening can lead to a safer environment, according to leaders at Infrared Cameras Inc. Implementing this measure ensures spectator and player safety by preventing individuals with elevated body temperatures from entering stadiums and venues.

Infrared technology is attractive for sporting events because of its powerful capability to quickly and accurately determine surface temperature. Thermographic imaging allows for screening at a safe distance, in a matter of seconds, which will be critical as fans pour into arenas and stadiums.

“Using our thermal technology we can measure the temperature of every fan with precise and fast results as they walk into the stadium. These cameras are an essential preliminary tool, helping to quickly identify potentially febrile individuals,” said Joe Barracco, Chief Customer Officer.

ICI’s cameras are currently utilized by major manufacturers, hospitals, transportation hubs and more to maintain safe environments for workers and visitors.